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Autus promotes understanding, inclusion and equal opportunities for individuals within the autistic spectrum

Autus Cumbria.


We are an experienced and dedicated team who’s mission is to provide essential supportive services for those with autism in the South Cumbria area. As a not-for-profit organisation we work with families, youth organisations, schools and employment support agencies to run youth clubs, holiday activity sessions, training of teachers and employment support workers, workshops and seminars.

We run regular holiday activity sessions in the summer, Christmas and Easter holidays based in Barrow and Ulverston (for more information and photos, please look at the ‘Activities’ section above). We are working towards delivering more activities both within school holidays and during term time, and are always exploring ways to fundraise in order to extend our services.

We are very keen to receive feedback as to what families and individuals want and need, so please let us know your thoughts by filling in a questionnaire (available for download on the ‘Questionnaires’ section at the bottom of our page).






Summer 2019.


Are you a parent or carer of an Autistic person who finds it difficult to communicate thir needs?

If you are then our Summer 2019 Intensive Interaction Sessions could be just what you need.

Our Summer sessions run from Monday 29th July 2019 to Monday 26th August 2019.

To find out more please click on the image to the left or the button below.

‘My son loves the Autus sessions. They combine everything he enjoys doing and he is happy and well cared for.

He’s always in a rush to get through the door at the start of each session!’

Our Blog.




The team would like to extend a big thank you to the Sir John Fisher Foundation for awarding us some funding, which means we are able to continue our Monday night youth group in association with our partner Leonard Cheshire! This is a wonderful opportunity for which...



We want to thank Geoff and his team at Barrow Amateur Boxing Club for the wonderful donation of £1500! We are so grateful for the support and all donations will go to supporting people with autism and their families in the local area!

Phoebe Caldwell

Phoebe Caldwell

Phoebe Caldwell, an expert practitioner in Intensive  Interaction, came to Barrow-in-Furness to share her insights into autism spectrum disorders. Drawing upon her own wealth of experience, the experiences of people on the spectrum and new scientific research, her...

Influencial People.


Chris Bonnello

Chris Bonnello

Award winner writer and speaker

Chris Bonnello is a former Primary School Teacher with Asperger’s Syndrome,  who has also worked in Special Education. He is now an award winning writer and speaker on Autism issues and author of autisticnotweird.com
Phoebe Caldwell

Phoebe Caldwell

Expert Practitioner

Phoebe Caldwell is an expert practitioner in Intensive Interaction working mainly with children and adults on the Autistic Spectrum and also has over 40 years experience as a practitioner with people whose severe learning disabilities are linked with behavioural distress.

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