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I am an independent autism practitioner who has been working in Cumbria with families and individuals on the spectrum since 2011. Prior to this I completed a degree in Psychology and a post graduate certificate in ASC.

My previous work included working at a day service in London for adults with autism and as a transition coordinator for Hertfordshire County Council.

As well as my one-to-one work with individuals on the autistic spectrum, I work alongside schools and deliver autism training covering many areas including Intensive Interaction, sensory difficulties and understanding behaviour.


I am married to Andrew and have two great son’s. My eldest has high functioning autism, sensory processing disorder and Irlen Syndrome. Since he was diagnosed at the age of 4 years, I have spent years trying to gain more knowledge by attending conference’s and courses locally and around the country. I have gained a qualification from Birmingham University in working with people with ASC and have had experience of developing youth groups in the past.
I enjoy working as part of a team and work in the group’s we run, helping to develop the different activities we currently have on offer and gain great satisfaction in seeing the young people develop.
I feel very passionate about the work we do and believe there is a strong need for the unique service we offer with people who truly understand the needs of Autistic individuals.


As a parent of a child with an Autism Spectrum Condition I realized early on that I was going to have to take the lead in figuring out what was going on and organizing appropriate help.

Since then I have read countless books, gone to conferences, talked to professionals and helped to organize activities and events that have made a positive difference in our lives.

I believe that parents and professionals need to work together to help children with autism develop and reach their full potential.

I became involved in setting up Autus because I think Autus can make a positive contribution to the lives of autistic young people in a friendly, approachable and professional manner.


Pauline Graham is married and the proud mum of three amazing daughters in their 20’s. Eleanor is primary school teacher at a local school, Charlotte is a Physiotherapist and currently undertaking a masters degree in Nutrition at Sheffield university.

Mary-Beth has Kabuki Syndrome with some physical disabilities, profound learning and communication difficulties and associated atypical autism.

She brings her experiences as a working mum of three children raising a young person with autism and associated disabilities and has a passion for raising the profile of all young adults with autism.


My name is Stephen Evans, I am the team’s fundraiser.  I have a young son with Autism and I am very passionate to learn about all aspects of the condition and to spread awareness.


Andy Cook is an Autism Practitioner with over 15 years of experience working with people with Autism and disabilities. Andy supports Autus to run several weekly and holiday clubs, as well as supporting a wide range of clients in the South Cumbria area. His approach is person centered, putting the health, welfare and emotional needs of the client at the forefront of his practice. 

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