Mission Statement.


Autus promotes understanding, inclusion and equal opportunities for individuals within the autistic spectrum.
Autus promotes a holistic support network within a safe and calm environment.


Aims and Objectives


To provide specialist support to individuals and families affected by autism and related conditions within a holistic approach.
• To promote awareness and understanding of ASCs to both the general community and providers of services.
• To allow individuals with ASCs and their families to access a range of activities, support and advice that aim to: enhance social and emotional wellbeing, build friendships, support the development of skills and provide short breaks for parents.

Autus offers a range of group holiday activities, as described on this website. We welcome suggestions for extra services and activities. A questionnaire is available to (download here) that helps us identify priority areas where local families would appreciate extra services. You are also welcome to email us with any additional requests or suggestions, but please note that activities will need to be expanded slowly to ensure that the service is sustainable.

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