We offer a range of training delivered by our autism practitioner Jemma Swales.
We can provide anything from a 2 hour session to a full day training focusing on areas such as Intensive Interaction, sensory needs, understanding behaviour and real-life strategies to help when supporting people with autism.

We also run support worker and parent workshops throughout the year. 



I am an independent autism practitioner who has been working
in Cumbria with families and individuals on the spectrum since 2011.
Prior to this I completed a degree in Psychology and a post
graduate certificate in ASC.

My previous work included working at a day service in London
for adults with autism and as a transition coordinator for Hertfordshire
County Council. As well as my one-to-one work with individuals on the
autistic spectrum, I work alongside schools and deliver autism training
covering many areas including Intensive Interaction, sensory
difficulties and understanding behaviour


We work with:





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Jemma’s degree is in Psychology. Since leaving University she has worked many different
adults and children with a wide variety of behavioural difficulties and distress. I admire Jemma’s
approach, her creative insight, her ability to innovate, her patience and capacity to work from the
needs of an individual child and get the best out of them.

In addition to her therapeutic work, her community are lucky to have someone who has set up ‘AUTUS’, an
organisation that recognises individual sensory and psychological needs and which provides
support for the children, helping to give them the confidence they will so badly need
when they enter adulthood.

I first met Jemma when she asked me to mentor her work seven years ago. This I have done but it is an
equal partnership and I value her advice. She is one of the few practitioners to whom I
should feel comfortable about passing on the care of a child with severe behavioural distress.


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