We have a wonderful and dedicated team of volunteers at Autus Cumbria.
All of our volunteers are fully supported and trained by the Autus team.

If you would like to be a volunteer for future activities
please complete the below form and a member of the
team will be in touch very soon

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Volunteer Testimonials.

‘Everything about Autus is perfect. The most comfortable environment where no one is an outsider, everybody is valued and their company enjoyed. I wish more people knew about Autus. Jemma has an inspiring ethos and is a true role model to all those wanting to get involved in special educational needs. That ethos carries through the whole atmosphere of the Autus sessions and is something to be cherished.’


‘Autus allows individuals with the label of Autism the space to express themselves and develop. They also put emphasis on the specific needs of each child rather than grouping them together, the benefits of which are clear in the children’s responses to the environment and others around them. Volunteering with Autus and Jemma has allowed us to gain valuable experience in a field relevant to our degrees (psychology and Educational and disability studies) and has presented us with the opportunity to enhance our future career prospects


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